Nonton film Kembalinya Anak Iblis (2019) terbaru

Kembalinya Anak Iblis (2019)

Genre: Horror
Year: Duration: 84 MinView: 262 views
1 votes, average 4.0 out of 10

Rama (Al Ghazali), Garin (Endy Arfian), Farel (Atta Halilintar), Quincy (Steffi Zamora) and Celsi (Valerie Thomas) survive from the spirit terror at the Ayunan Island resort which harbored a terrible history of the slaughter of a family and resort employees. Rama is frantic: her lover is in a mental hospital, the body of Hana (Marsha Aruan), his sister, and Fira (Mumuk Gomez) have not been found. Rama returns to Ayunan Island to look for them. But obstacles lay ahead.